Greenhoe valves are hand fitted with the utmost care to the closest tolerance possible. Proper care and lubrication is absolutely vital in maintaining the valve at a peak level of performance.

It is important to remember that proper lubrication not only benefits the functionality of the rotor but also helps to reduce oxidation through coating the valve surface, thus excluding direct moisture and oxygen contact. All valve sections and trombones are shipped with the valve lubricants and hex wrenches needed to properly maintain your instrument.

We highly recommend that you DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE VALVE(S) YOURSELF. Because of the precision of manufacture, the valve(s) should only be disassembled by a member of the Greenhoe production staff or a qualified instrument repair technician.

Recommended Steps for Greenhoe Valve Lubrication

  1. Holding the bell section vertically with the bell pointing up, push the valve lever half way down.
  2. Drop 8 to 10 drops of Rotor Oil into the hand slide receiver, then activate the lever several times. This distributes the oil evenly over the rotor contact surfaces.
  3. Apply 1 to 2 drops of Bearing Oil on the valve spindle at the gap between the valve casing and rotor stop arm. Then remove the valve cap and apply 1 or 2 drops (maximum) to the back bearing. This is the small circle that moves when you press the valve.

This procedure should be performed once a week when playing the instrument regularly. If you know that the instrument will be unused for an extended period, oiling the valve prior to storage will help to ensure its functionality.



Hex wrenches are required for your Greenhoe valve section in order to tighten any screws that may have loosened through normal usage and to enable trombonists to adjust the 2nd valve paddle on double valve sections. 3/32″ hex wrench tightens stop arm screws on your Greenhoe valve and lever hinge pin. 2mm hex wrench adjusts 2nd valve paddle on double valve sections.



We recommend the use of Schilke/Greenhoe products manufactured by Ultra-Pure Oils, specifically:

Rotor Oil (aka Ultra Light Valve Oil)

Bearing Oil (aka Light Bearing Oil)

Trombone Slide Lube








For tuning slide lubrication, we recommend Schilke Slide Grease: