Large Bore

Greenhoe trombones represent a return to a classic sound. A devotion to using state of the art technology combined with traditional old world craftsmanship and care of assembly ensures stress free instruments. Unparalleled quality of design ensures the highest standards in modern trombone sound and performance without compromise. With the integration into Schilke Music Products, the leader in high quality brass manufacturing for 60 years, Greenhoe trombones will continue to achieve the highest standards for excellence.

Our current tenor trombones include large bore designs (with valves or without) and small bore designs, with medium bore tenors currently in development. Greenhoe Trombones can be fine tuned to a particular idiom, performance hall, or personal preference. You are highly encouraged to visit an authorized Greenhoe Trombone Dealer to help guide you through the selection process.

GB4 Series

The Greenhoe GB4 features a design based upon the finest mid to late 20th century orchestral large bore tenor trombones. The GB4’s one-piece bell offers a broad sound and excellence projection with minimal effort. Subtleties and nuances abound with Greenhoe’s improvements to the classic design.

GC4 Series

The Greenhoe GC4 is the classic American style large bore tenor trombone in its most elegant and refined form. Featuring an ultra-responsive two-piece bell, the GC4 incorporates the character and finesse of the classic trombones designed in the early to mid 20th century.

Greenhoe GC4-1R Tenor Trombone

GC4 TIS Series

The Greenhoe GC4 TIS (Tuning-in-Slide) Models are a reintroduction of a century old approach to tenor trombone design. This classic approach eliminates bell tuning and allows the bell to maintain a continuously conical profile, thus giving a free and even feel to the sound. It makes exemplary horns legendary!

Greenhoe GC4-1R-TIS Tenor Trombone