Standard and Lexan Valve Caps

Greenhoe Trombones and Greenhoe Conversions include Standard Valve Caps (left). The Lexan Cap with Retaining Ring (right) changes the response characteristics in a subtle and nuanced manner. Some players prefer the lexan for more “soloistic” playing.

Pearlized Bearing Plates

Greenhoe Trombones include Pearlized Bearing Plates, whereas Greenhoe Conversions include Standard Bearing Plates. Customers may choose to upgrade to Pearlized Bearing Plates for their Greenhoe Conversion, or may purchase Pearlized Bearing Plates and have a technician install them on their Greenhoe Valve Section.

We highly recommend that you DO NOT DISASSEMBLE THE VALVE(S) YOURSELF. Because of the precision of manufacture, the valve(s) should only be disassembled by a member of the Greenhoe production staff or a qualified instrument repair technician.

Rest Bar

The Rest Bar is designed to reduce strain on the hand, wrist and forearm. Available in two sizes: Standard and Large.


Greenhoe leadpipes are designed to give each player options in timbral and response characteristics. They are threaded to fit the mouthpiece receiver snugly. Greenhoe Handslides come with two interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes, designed for each specific trombone model.

New for 2019: Gold brass, red brass and nickel leadpipes, available by special order.