Thank you for purchasing a Greenhoe Trombone. All new Greenhoe products come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in materials and original workmanship.

The Greenhoe Trombone warranty covers only those defects which arise as a result of normal use of the product, and do not apply to any product:

(i) which has had an unauthorized repair or alteration.
(ii) which has not been maintained in accordance with any lubrication or handling instructions provided by Schilke Music Products, Inc.
(iii) which has been altered or damaged by accident including valves that have been scored through player disassembly
(iv) which has been subjected to unusual physical stress, misuse, abuse, or negligence
(v) which has been used other than in accordance with the product operating and handling instructions
(vi) which has problems not arising from defects in original material or workmanship

Finishes (epoxy lacquer, plating) are warranted to be free of defects upon delivery only. We do not warrant that the lacquer and/or plating will resist scratches, corrosive elements or contact wear.

Specific maintenance issues that will void the aforementioned warranty include (but are not limited to):

(i) Lack of correct and regular lubrication.
(ii) Foreign bodies inside of tubes
(iii) Grit or dirt contaminating any part of the instrument
(iv) Lack of cleaning

Schilke Music Products will, at its sole discretion, repair, provide replacement parts or replace the product with the same or similar product free of charge based upon the above conditions.

Limitation of Warranty

Schilke Music Products does not make any other warranty or condition of any kind whether expressed or implied, with respect to Greenhoe products, and specifically disclaim the implied warranties or conditions of merchantability, satisfactory quality, and fitness for a particular purpose.