Greenhoe Trombones was founded in 2001 and began production in 2002 under the direction and design of Gary Greenhoe. Gary has been an instrumental part of high quality trombone design for most of his 41 years as a professional trombonist with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Gary’s patented Greenhoe valve system has been at the center of every Greenhoe Trombone since the beginning. Greenhoe Trombones represent a return to a classic sound with the highest quality available throughout the world.

Schilke Music Products is committed to preserving the designs and legacy that Gary has created and developed. Schilke uses state of the art technology combined with traditional old world craftsmanship and expert assembly to carry on the original Greenhoe designs. Schilke’s unparalleled quality of construction ensures the highest standards in modern trombone sound and performance without compromise. With the integration of Greenhoe, Inc. into Schilke Music Products, the leader in high quality brass manufacturing for more than 60 years, Greenhoe Trombones will continue to represent the highest standard of excellence.

Schilke Music Products is located in Melrose Park, IL. We employ more than 30 personnel with virtually everyone having a brass performance or musical background. Every new craftsman we employ continues to be trained by veteran craftsmen to ensure all of our traditions remain intact and applied with every new instrument produced. We encourage any musician visiting the greater Chicago area to tour our facility and see highly skilled craftsmen employ time-honored traditions that have been in place for more than 60 years. You are always welcome to spend time in our showroom sampling all of the models we currently manufacture.

Thank you for considering Greenhoe Trombones as the best choice for your musical expression.

Andrew & Julie Naumann