greenhoe trombones

Our current offerings include medium to large bore tenor trombones and bass trombones with small bore, alto and contrabasses currently in development.

Photographs below illustrate some of the myriads of combinations possible with a Greenhoe Trombone.

You are highly encouraged to visit to our shop where our staff of professional trombonists can help guide you through the selection process. We start by suggesting the most common solutions and then work individually with each player to fine tune the instrument to a particular idiom, performance hall, or personal preference. Contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment at our shop. We also build a fully-engineered valve section that is individually designed for retrofitting other trombone brands. Our online store showcases the options available, and lets you create a personalized trombone.

greenhoe tenor trombones

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greenhoe bass trombones

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greenhoe optimized trombones

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greenhoe performance innovations

Greenhoe Rotary Valve

The patented Greenhoe Rotary Valve has rapidly become one of the standards of the industry. It is designed with special porting to allow for optimum free flow of air without loss of compression or focus of sound.

Greenhoe Sonic Suspension

Greenhoe Sonic Suspension allows the valve tubing to float away from the bell with connection only to cross bracing, allowing the bell to vibrate more freely. A double valve bass trombone brace is pictured below.

Greenhoe Tuning in Slide Trombones

The reintroduction of "tuning in slide" trombones has been a major project at Greenhoe, Inc. This century old approach eliminates bell tuning and allows the bell section to maintain a continuously conical profile, thus giving a free and even quality to the sound. It helped make legendary horns legendary!

Greenhoe Valve Caps

Every Greenhoe Trombone is supplied with both solid brass valve caps and lexan caps. The lexan cap changes the response characteristics slightly. Some players prefer the lexan for more "soloistic" playing.

greenhoe aesthetics and ergonomics

Exotic Wood Thumb Paddles

The beauty and comfort of your Greenhoe Trombone is enhanced through the incorporation of hand made and hand stained exotic wood thumb paddles.

Greenhoe Thumbrest

The Greenhoe Thumbrest enables both bass and tenor trombonists to ease the strain on their left hand from supporting the weight of the instrument.

Pearlized Bearing Plates

Adding to the aesthetics of every Greenhoe Trombone, the Greenhoe valve is surrounded by unique pearlized bearing plates.

Unique Banded Ferrules

Beautiful banded ferrules give every joint in the instrument an elegant and ornate appearance.