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a Message from Glenda Greenhoe

Most of you already know that we retired and subsequently closed our trombone shop in December. After four decades as musicians in the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and these last twelve years devoted to our trombone business, Gary and I are planning a more relaxed lifestyle in our retirement. We are forever grateful for the support of our customers. We treasure the friendships we have made as an unexpected gift from Greenhoe Inc. We thank our talented staff, Michael, Mitch and Matthew. We are proud that we remained true to our original goals and philosophy from start to finish: to design, develop and build classic trombones with respect for past history but using new ideas and the best of modern technology; to work in a small, custom shop setting, allowing great attention to detail and pursuing excellence as our daily goal; to provide the best customer service by giving the respect and courtesy that every musician deserves. Diverging from everyday business practices, we never paid anyone to play our trombones nor gifted them in exchange for endorsements or recommendations; we never had a sales person on our staff. With a few craftsmen, a website and Gary's dream, we simply had the experience of a lifetime.

We are not leaving our loyal customers stranded due to our recent decision to retire. We highly recommend Brian Russell for continuing service and repairs. Brian set the standard at Greenhoe during his years with us and now has his own repair business. He has extensive knowledge of Greenhoe trombones since he built many of them. He has the tooling and techniques unique to our products. We are honoring warranty checkups. Anyone with a purchase in 2012/2013 can get this service within twelve months of the date of purchase (still including those from January-February, 2012). You pay shipping both ways, but the checkup is complimentary. Mr. Russell's contact information is (Russell Winds, 6768 Frontier Road, Winneconne, WI 54986, USA). Anyone needing repair help or warranty service, please contact Brian directly at his email address. For those who were disappointed not to have the opportunity to buy a Greenhoe trombone or valve section before we closed, we are sorry we did not connect in time. If we ever have any Greenhoe products in the future, we will let you know. We are still here..... just not building trombones.... and we hope to hear from you at our personal email addresses, and

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Located just north of Milwaukee in the beautiful Kettle Moraine region of Southeastern Wisconsin, Greenhoe Inc. is a premier manufacturer of trombones and trombone components that are rapidly gaining acceptance throughout the world. read more

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Greenhoe Tenor Trombones, Greenhoe Bass Trombones, Greenhoe Optimized Trombones, valve sections and accessories are designed to heighten performance, nuance and color with the highest quality engineered, handcrafted instrument available. Every trombonist, from the successful professional to the gifted student, receives our individual attention and vast resources to determine the exact instrument they desire, based on these concepts. Our current offerings include medium to large bore tenor trombones and bass trombones with small bore, alto and contrabasses currently in development. see our trombones

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You are highly encouraged to visit to our shop where our staff of professional trombonists can help guide you through the selection process. We start by suggesting the most common solutions and then work individually with each player to fine tune the instrument to a particular idiom, performance hall, or personal preference. Contact us by phone or email to set up an appointment at our shop. We also build a fully-engineered valve section that is individually designed for retrofitting other trombone brands. Our online store showcases the options available, and lets you create a personalized trombone.

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